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Vaccination – Essential part of Child Healthcare

Posted in Healthcare Information, Preventative Healthcare by drnic on April 2, 2009

It is in the words of Victor Meldrew (don’t know who he he is here’s a link to this famous BBC British Comedy character and the series One Foot in the Grave) “unbelievable” that Time magazine would give ink to the delusional rantings (Autism and Vaccines) of an individual who appears hell bent on a mission to return our countries childhood back to the dark ages of killer measles epidemics and chicken pox for the masses. But wait, she used to be a Playboy model so this obviously provides the essential scientific background to debate the pros and cons of vaccination….or could it be a simple eye candy decision for the photo cover. Whatever it is I agree with Orac in his post “I really wish this were an April Fools Joke” where as he highlights

Jenny thinks it’s acceptable that infectious diseases will return because of her efforts and those of her fellow antivaccinationists

Her unscientific belief that vaccines cause autism – there are numerous studies (here, here and here for example and this Hollywood Mom Amanda Peet and her support of public service campaign ) showing no, repeat NO epidemiological evidence for a causal association of vaccinations and autism. Correlation does not equal causation (simple statistics) and promoting this as science is like the snake oil salesmen in the wild west…. marketing hype). This is someone who can’t even remove expletives from her conversation with a journalist……

If the vaccine companies are not listening to us, it’s their f___ing fault that the diseases are coming back

Right! As Orac says

No matter how many studies exonerate vaccines as a cause of autism, you don’t believe them

And if science disproves your latest hair brained idea you’ll find something else to blame as in the Toxin gambit as we moved off Mercury as a cause. This is no longer about  science or science- and evidence-based medicine this is McCarthgeddon and reminds me a lot of the McCarthy from the 1950’s and his hunt now seen through the clarity of history as a modern day witch hunt….interesting they share the same name.

If you were wondering – get your kids vaccinated….for everything. Follow the science.


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  1. […] a complex world. I have written about this before and the importance of data (Snake Oil and Detox, Vaccination and Essential Part of Child Healthcare and Wrapped in Data and Diplomas It’s Still Snake Oil), but it was the piece on the Colbert […]

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