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Who Own’s Your Medical Record

Posted in Uncategorized by drnic on August 15, 2017

You do!
To be honest this was almost as much as I was willing to write – I don’t see this as a debatable item – it’s your health, your data (about you) and therefore you own it
I know I differ from many in the healthcare field who perceive this data to be very much the domain of the health care provider.

This piece by Karoli “Who Owns the Medical Record?” reviews recent experiences trying to combat a denial for drug coverage that required full information on treatments and justification which engendered a big struggle with those folks who had the data and record

The concepts presented of the patient as the platform makes sense and creating an environment that does not require a “big system” or “Big government” owning and managing this data makes sense.

We are a long way from this position but today I would suggest each and every patient should insist on receiving a full copy of their record in a digital exchangeable form where possible but failing that in paper form.

I have mine – do you have yours?