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Telemedicine Coming of Age

Posted in Healthcare Information, Telemedicine by drnic on March 14, 2010

HIMSS10 in Atlanta was heavily focused on Meaningful Use. Indirectly related and certainly a technology coming of age was the demonstration of “HealthPresence” from Cisco systems. Their solution designed for installation in doctors offices, clinics and urgent care locations includes a range of additional technology to enable a remote consultation.

I had an opportunity to talk with Frances Dare, Director IBSG Healthcare Practice:

As you can see exciting technology that includes additional features to enable an effective remote consultation. It will certainly take some getting used to on the part of patients and clinicians alike but in terms of spreading and improving access Telemedicine technology really is coming of age.

Right now limited to office based settings in part due to the high end technology requirements but like technology in general this will filter down to individual use, and probably quickly. It may seem far removed from most people’s reality that they connect with their clinician over an internet connection and video conference but think about the success of Skype and a range of other video conferences facilities. In a connected world there will be increasing availability of remote access to satisfy increasing demand, increasing specialization and eventually customer demand.

Have you seen or used this technology a facility near you. Would you use it if it was available. If not what would stop you and what would help you accept this as a good clinical consultation


Legal Reform is Essential

Posted in Health Insurance, Healthcare Insurance, Healthcare Policy by drnic on March 1, 2010

Philip Howards Talk over at TED Talks is not focused on healthcare but the legal systems impact on society in general: Four Ways to Fix the Broken Legal System. It is 20 minutes long but worth watching in its entirety:

There’s a phenomenon that General Counsel is becoming CEO’s of companies because they need so much legal counsel

It applies to all areas of society. Law suits are out of control.

Healthcare system has been transformed into defensive medicine
Reliable estimates wasting $60 – $200 Billion wasted per year

Lawyers say the fear of law suits provides for better care – research says it does not. Doctors fear speaking up and talking to each other and fail to communicate. It spans environmental review that prevents any progress.

You can read the article on Tort Reform in the US here.

Take a stand, insist on change to the legal system and a full-scale reform of US law to free society.