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What is HealthIT – Part 2

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What is HealthIT from the Discovery Channel
Part 2


What is HealthIT – Part 1

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Soem interesting video presentation on HealthIT and Informatics from the Discovery Channel

Part 1:

Wisdom from the Dalai Lama

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Get on Board the Social Media Train or Get Left Behind Like the Bank of America

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Bank Of America Just Had The Ultimate Social Media Fail

Julia La Roche | Nov. 15, 2011, 10:54 AM | 61,418 | 49

This makes you wonder if Bank of America, which is currently axing 30,000 of its staff globally, already cut their social media team.

Or if they don’t already have a social media team, they should really consider getting one after this social media fail. 

It’s been just a week since Google Plus started allowing for companies to have pages on the social networking site and it looks like someone already beat Bank of America to the punch, according to Carl Franzen at Talking Points Memo.

BofA’s Google Plus profile bashes the already embattled Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank. The page, which is no longer available, features unflattering pictures of former CEO Ken Lewis and mocking wall posts.

One wall post said, “Living under a tarp? I am too. My TARP is much bigger, however, and billions of dollars more expensive.”

It’s possible that the page could have been created by the bank initially and then later hacked. 

However, according to Chester Wisniewski at the IT security blog NakedSecurity, the page was likely created by a group that tricked Google into thinking they were Bank of America. 

We’ve included a screen shot below. [via TalkingPointsMemo]

BofA Google Plus

Image: TalkingPointsMemo

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The power of social media – few hospitals or healthcare facilities have any focus on this area (building a web site and running and e-mail server does not count).
The University of Maryland Medical Center ( springs to mind as one of the leaders in this area with an impressive outreach and connection. I’m not sure what or how they staff it but am willing obey its built into every area and not confined to one or two social media job functions.

For those hospitals considering Social Media – this presentation on slideshare is a good foundation on why this is important and what it can do for your facility and originates from the University of Maryland:

This is not just some passing fad. It is messy and this troubles many facilities and executives as it is hard to control and manage but that is just part of our future engagement with our staff, patents and colleagues around the country and indeed world.

This train has left the station – get on board or get left behind

Dragon Express – Available now in the App Store

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Dragon express was released this week at an amazing introductory price of $49.99. Great news for people wanting to try out Dragon on their Mac and for anyone who wants to effectively speech enable their applications especially social media.

The App store has made the ease of purchase an installation a breeze and finding the app and installing is as simple as clicking the Dragon Express Logo 


or this link (which will take you to the web page and open up your App Store).

Watch the application in action with Peter Mahoney – the Dragon Dictator

There has been good coverage  from GigOMArs TechnicaMacWorld and Cult-of-theMac to mention a few and has done well in the App store rankings reaching #8 (behind 7 apple applications and one other “Growl”). Not bad for the first day


Let me know what you think and how you get on with the application

Is Siri the New Personal Health Assistant and Coder?

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Brian Dolan thinks so:

Based on our own in-house testing here at MobiHealthNews, Siri in its current form could be helpful to both patients and healthcare providers alike. After asking Siri a number of questions, we were surprised how she answered some and that she was able to answer others.

And even for coding in OCD-9


For health and diet

Release a product and people will find new and unimagined ways to use it. We are only just starting to scratch the surface of the potential

The One Chart You Need To See To Understand Mobile

Posted in Apple, Siri. NLP, Speech Recognition by drnic on November 8, 2011

The “Blue Ocean” (non-smart phones ripe for putting smart phones in the hands of users) is “huge”. There remains much opportunity in the mobile market place but the penetration is increasing for Apple and Android with Android on a tear with its open-source strategy.
Mobiel devices are the mainstay of communication tools for people and as these increase in penetration and function voice integration and in particular the addition of intelligent interaction will become increasingly important and necessary.
I imagine the speech recognition business opportunity chart would look very similar offering the potential for a ver exciting and dynamic upcoming year.
Once again – its so great to be in a cool business that’s growing so dramatically.

Improved systems for vehicle voice recognition coming

Posted in CLU, NLP, Speech Recognition by drnic on November 8, 2011

Cars that understand what you say….coming to a car near you.
Part of the ongoing push and the new age of speech recognition is the ability to understand what the driver asks for with interpretive system that include natural language processing (NLP) and some element of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer drivers a more conversational and useful interaction with their voice. A safer interaction that will be easier and faster.

Butterfly Effect of Healthcare Quality Measures

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In an interesting unanticipated effect the AHRQ has highlighted the potential for the government changes to encourage physicians
“… may “fire” noncompliant patients from their practices, push back against quality-improvement initiatives, and minimize patient empowerment efforts, CQ HealthBeat reports. Some physicians already are “firing” unvaccinated patients, noting that they pose a risk to others and reflect a lack of trust for physicians’ medical advice.
Since there already appears to be some instances of this where patents are unvaccinated it may well extend to other groups and would certainly be classified as an unintended consequence.

Why Steve Jobs’ Magic Doesn’t Work In Medicine

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Like Matthew Herper from Forbes I have great respect for Steve Jobs and even had the privilege thanks to our company CEO Paul Ricci in hearing first had from Walter Isaacson as he addressed our annual corporate kick off and provided individually signed copies of Steve Job’s autobiography.
We heard how Steve Jobs had deeply regretted his decision to delay treatment of his cancer – preferring to try “alternative therapies”. And while I have an appreciation for alternative therapies (who cannot when you consider how much of our innovation has come from things that came from plants or concepts that were completely foreign until we understood the science) I remain steadfastly behind science based medicine.
Alternative therapies are great but not based on heresy and anecdotal evidence. I find the whole idea very troubling that we spend millions on therapies that are unproven and in some cases are positively dangerous. Especially when the unsuspecting patent is coaxed into believing the alternative can heal them and decline or cease using any regular medical treatment.
Vaccinations spring to mind – where the anti vaccine lobby continues to damage a program with proven benefits that save lives that have to be measured in millions. Yet with one faceless comment from a politician or worse a celebrity and suddenly clinicians are fighting an uphill battle to persuade patents of the need to vaccinate their children and themselves. We’ve heard all about the autism association but seen no proof tat this is linked to vaccination (correlation does not imply causation). When their theory of the mercury in vaccines causing the autism was disproven – not least of all when the Mercury was removed and the autism rate continued to climb yet there was no pull back and honest assessment.

The same is true of alternative therapies and patients should assess treatments in the light of real science and not anecdotal medicine. Is these therapies work why oh why would the medical profession not adopt them and treat patents with these alternatives. We want our patients to get better…..