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New Horizons for me at Dell

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I am excited to announce I am joining Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences 

as their Chief Medical Officer. Dell has been ranked number one in Healthcare Provider Services for six consecutive years by Gartner and continue to expand their presence in healthcare space with an incredible range of solutions and services that are combined with extensive experience offerings of hardware and infrastructure.

This was such an exciting opportunity with a dynamic company with a focus on healthcare that is driven by a guiding principle from Michael Dell:

Technology has always been about enabling human potential

The opportunity to apply this principle with the assembled first class talented team that have a wide range of skills and deep industry knowledge is empowering and exciting. Healthcare is personal and struggling to deal with technology that has in many cases hindered the personal realtionship between the doctor and the patient. Clinicians want to focus on the patient and not the technology and while patients like technology to be used to improve the quality and safety of care while helping to reduce the costs they also want to doctor to pay attention to them not the device(s) as I have said on many occasions – here in this AMDIS presentation on documentation:

and Healthcare Technology need to include Patients

When I looked at the breadth of what Dell already offers its customers, the range of amazing talent, and some of their innovation projects that included

  • An impressive healthcare cloud and a focus on Interoperability
  • Patient engagement, predictive analytics, population health management
  • Social Media and mobile solutions
  • Working on Genomics Cloud Storage and analysis that included the recent announcement of the Dell and Translational Genomics Research Institute that is supporting the fight against Pediatric Cancer and helping clinical researchers and doctors globally expand the reach and impact of the world’s first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved personalized medicine trial for pediatric cancer.
  • This all felt like a perfect match and one that offered me personally an incredible opportunity to have a positive impact on healthcare delivery system here in the US but also around the world.

Amongst the many bonuses of this opportunity was my friend becoming a new work colleague – I am excited to be joining Mandi Bishop (@MandBPro) – social media guru, #HealthITChick and innovator in data management and analysis.

The big draw for me was that Dell already has a vast amount of products, solutions and data along with insights that they are already integrating across multiple platforms, facilities and technologies. I can’t wait to share more on some of the projects the Dell team are working on soon.



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“13 Ways Successful People Deal With To

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“13 Ways Successful People Deal With Toxic Persons”
1. They set limits
2. They don’t expect or request change
3. They don’t get embroiled in fights
4. They don’t allow anyone to restrict their happiness
5. They don’t forget
6. They forge a support system
7. They get some rest
8. They focus on solutions rather than problems
9. They set barriers
10. They are self aware
11. They rise above negativity
12. They never play the victim
13. They never judge

#Digitalhealthcare is coming – and its b

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#Digitalhealthcare is coming – and its bigger than u think