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NHS IT Project (NPfIT) Could be cancelled

Posted in NHS by drnic on December 9, 2009

A recent article in the Times reports that the NHS gargantuan IT project is at risk of being cancelled:
>>>>The multibillion-pound national progamme to overhaul NHS computer systems could be cancelled in this week’s Pre-Budget Report, Alistair Darling has said.<<<
There are those who rejoice, those that commiserate and many who will probably say “I told you so” this is a sad result after so much money and effort. The project has been watched by many. The results have been less than stellar with 400 Million GBP spent and fewer than 20 hospitals trusts that have installed despite an initial deadline for the whole country by 2010.
But there is a generally accepted principle that the delivery of healthcare is broken not just in the United Kingdom but many other countries including here in the US. As such the project in the UK provided a vision of some of the challenges and solutions. Recognizing the differences between countries and healthcare systems the concepts and ideas learned may not all be suitable in every circumstance but loosing the project totally would be a very poor outcome for everyone.
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