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How Does Technology Reach Escape Velocity

Posted in Disruptive, Future, Incremental, Innovation, Technology by drnic on July 31, 2018

How Does Technology Reach Escape Velocity

Alfred Poor – Editor and Publisher of Health Tech Insider

This week I am talking to Alfred Poor, Editor and Publisher of Health Tech Insider (@AlfredPoor) and a long-standing member of the technology community dating back to the early and exciting days of the first personal computers when he worked as a reporter at PC Magazine

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NewImageListen in to hear about his front-row seat to this revolution and hear about the days of Comdex and PC Expo which “were not that big of a show”. These early experiences have shaped razor sharp insights into what creates success in innovation.

Do you remember the famous “Printer Issue” of the PC World Magazine – by all accounts the most read and shared (and to be clear shared in those days was a physical activity not digitally) issue every year – offering early insights into user-based design that proved highly successful for one company






We talk about Brownian motion and how to identify the technology that will reach escape velocity.

“How do you increase the success rate”

Listen in to hear what Alfred has seen beyond the constant drive to efficiency and surprisingly:

“Don’t make what people need”

As he describes the key assets center on teams and some simple rules and concepts that can mean the difference of being a footnote to history or a brand that explodes onto the stage.

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