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Nick van Terheyden, MD
Speaking Engagements


2017 Speaking Engagements

SXSW: Panel: Heal Thyself! How Tech Improves Health & Self-Care
arch 2017

Health is active and matter-of-fact, not passive and magical. Technology can enhance health by narrowing gaps in care and tailoring care to people’s lives. Those with limited resources may need access. Those with more resources might benefit from less care. Communication technology can transform healthcare, as it has countless other industries, by helping physicians and other providers transfer their expertise directly to those who need care. Benign, preference-sensitive conditions such as tennis elbow might even be entirely self-managed in the near future. This panel will explore the opportunities and potential barriers to improved health via technology-based self-care.


Arizona Tech Council: Keynote Presentation MedTech Conference
February 2017

The Future of Healthcare

You can read about the conference in this piece by Katie Lockhart at MeltMedia: MedTech– Printing Babies Hearts, Drone Life Support, and the Resistance of the Elderly (AZ Tech MedTech – Meltmedia Review)




2016 Speaking Engagements




2015 Speaking Engagements


Health IT and Marketing PR Conference
05/07/2015, Las Vegas
The Socially Engaged Corporate CMO: Effective Use of Social Media for the Busy CMO

An exploration of Social media through the eyes of a Chief Medical Officer and clinicians. How can they effectively leverage resources in healthcare marketing and social media. Learn about the roles, responsibilities and activities of these clinical professionals and how they can be effectively used to extend marketing reach and build market thought leadership programs


Saudi – US Healthcare Forum 2015 (Saudi American Healthcare Forum)
04/27/2015, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hospital System Challenges: Insurance & Electronic Record Training

While a range of challenges face the efficiency of hospital management, the collection of patient data health does not flow among healthcare systems in a cohesive or standardized way. Entities within the healthcare system face challenges when collecting race, ethnicity, and language data from patients, enrollees, members, and respondents. Explicitly expressing the rationale for the data collection and training staff, organizational leadership, and the public to appreciate the need to use valid collection mechanisms may improve the situation. Nevertheless, some entities face health information technology (Health IT) constraints and internal resistance.


Mobile Voice Conference (AVIOS)
04/20/2015, San Jose
Wearables, Health and Voice – The Perfect Storm


04/15/2015, HIMSS, Chicago
MasterChef in Healthcare: Integrating Social Media

Social Media is rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives. Despite the pervasive nature of the communication channel healthcare remains a technology laggard. This presentation from HIMSS15 Wednesday Apr 15) will offer insights to help understand why healthcare professionals should join the community, participate in the discussion and how can do so successfully.



2014 Speaking Engagements

HIMSS Middle East, Integrated Health Innovations Conference
12/18/14, Dubai UAE
Panel: “Strategies and Successes in Implementing Speech Recognition”

Mass TLC 2014 Healthcare Conference
12/3/14, Boston, MA
Panel: “Convergence of Healthcare and the Digital Consumer”

11/17/14, Liverpool, England
Presentation: “Achieving a Paperless NHS — Speech Enablement to Accelerate Adoption”

Medicine 2.0
11/13-14, Maui, HI
Presentation: “Speech and Medical Intelligence – Allowing Doctors to Focus on Patients not Technology”
Panel: “Digital Divide”

EHI Live 2014
11/5-6, Birmingham England
Presentation: “Speech and Medical Intelligence –Revolutionizing the Doctor and Patient Experience”

Connected Healthcare 2014
11/14-15, San Diego, CA
Presentation: “mHealth Reimbursement: Who Will Pay?”

AHIMA ‘14 Annual Convention
9/29-10/2/14, San Diego, CA
Presentation: “A Game of Documentation – Winter is Coming; Surviving ICD10”

Health 2.0 2014
9/21/14, Santa Clara, CA
Demo Panel: “Provider Tools for Smarter Care and Improved Workflow”

8/18-20/14, New York, NY
Panel: “The Digital Healthcare Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges for Speech and Other Technologies”

Next Generation Healthcare Summit
6/9/14, Austin, TX
Presentation: “Mind the Gap: Intelligently Bridging Clinical Documentation from Start to Finish”

5/7/14, Las Vegas, NV
Presentation: “Advancing CDI Through Innovative Technologies”

World of Health IT (WoHIT)
4/2-4/14, Nice, France
Panel: “Enabling the EHR with Speech Recognition – A Natural Synergy”


2013 Speaking Engagements

Health 2.0
10/29– 9/2/13, Silicon Valley, CA
Presentation: “Speech Technology Will Transform Medicine”

British Institute of Radiology
9/25/13, Birmingham, UK
Presentation: “Assistive Technologies for PACS & Radiology”

Medicine 2.0
9/23 – 24/13, London, UK
Presentation: “Bringing an Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Healthcare”

HIMSS Tennessee
9/17 – 18/13
Presentation: “Will Artificial Intelligence Come to Healthcare?”
Round Table: “The Future of Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing”

eHealth Summit
9/2 – 5/13, Bern Switzerland
Presentation: “From Graphical User Interface to Conversational User Interface”

Allscripts User Conference
8/21 – 23/13, Chicago, IL
Presentation: “The Next Chapter in Healthcare Documentation”

8/5/13, Washington, DC
Presentation: “Advancing CDI Through Information Technology”

AMDIS Annual PCC Symposium
6/25-28/13, Ojai, CA
Presentation: “Clinical Documentation and Speech Recognition”

6/10 – 12/13
Presentation: “Using Innovation and Technology to Address the ICD-10 Transition”

Canada’s Health Informatics Association (COACH), e-Health 2013
5/28/13, Ottawa, Canada
Presentation: “How to Make Effective Use of Existing Data”

World of Health IT (WoHIT)
5/13/13, Dublin Ireland
Presentation: “Easing the Burden of Technology Adoption for Patients and Clinicians”

5/15 – 16/13
Presentation: “Ways that Speech Technology will Transform Medicine”

HIMSS Arkansas Regional Meeting
Presentation: “Ways that Speech Technology will Transform Medicine”

NHS Productivity – Transforming Healthcare
2/26–28/13, North Yorkshire, England
Presentation: “Intelligent Speech Recognition in Healthcare–Easing the Burden of Technology Adoption for Patients and Clinicians”

The Inaugural Idea Exchange—Digital Healthcare (Center for Digital Exchange)
1/24/13, Irvine, CA
Presentation: “Mobile health Solutions and How They will Impact our Current Environment”


2012 Speaking Engagements

11/26-29/12, Chicago, IL
Presentation: “Recipe for Improving Radiation Safety and Quality: A Dash of Streamlined Workflow, a Spoonful of Data Integration and a Cup of Data Mining Tools”

HIMSS 2012
February 21 – 24, 2012, Orlando, FL
Presentation: “Calling Dr. Watson to Ward 8 Stat”


2011 Speaking Engagements

mHealth Summit
12/5-7/11, Washington, DC
Presentation: “Limit-less Accessibility to Healthcare Innovation”

Radiological Society of North America’s Annual Meeting (RSNA)
11/27/11-12/2/11, Chicago, IL
Presentation: “Calling Dr. Watson to Radiology”

West Virginia Health Information Management Association
4/27/11, Charleston, WV
Presentation: “The Height of Inefficiency – The Documentation Burden and How to Solve It”

Clinical Documentation Industry Association (CDIA)
4/14-16/11, Charlotte, NC
Presentation: “Meaningful Use Day of Reckoning: Exchange Basic Records and Meet Early Requirements”

Long Island Health Information Management Association
4/6/11, Long Island, NY
Presentation: “True HIM Grit: An Expose of Documentation Challenges and Solutions”

HIMSS 2011
2/21-24/11, Orlando, FL
Presentation: “Clinical Language Understanding—The Bleeding Edge of Meaningful Use”


2009 Speaking Engagements

11/29/09– 12/4/09, Chicago, IL
Presentation: “Clinical Narrative and Structured Data in the Radiology Report—Harmony with Healthstory”

10/3-7/09, Grapevine, TX
Presentation: “Clinical Narrative and Structured Data in the EHR—Venus and Mars Live in Harmony with CDA4CDT”

American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA)
8/9/09, Las Vegas, NV
Presentation: “Speech Understanding—The Key to Unlocking Clinical Knowledge and Delivering Safer, Cost Effective Care”

Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)
7/29/09, Nashville, TN
Presentation: “Healthstory—From Dictation to Clinical Data”

mHealth Initiative
5/5/09, Washington, DC
Presentation: “Mobile Documentation for Clinicians Dictation to Clinical Data”

Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA)
4/22-26/09, Louisville KY
Presentation: “Healthstory–Dictation to Clinical Data: Automating the Production of Structured and Encoded Documents”

Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR)
2/1-5/09, Palm Springs, CA
Presentation: “Dictation to Clinical Data: Automating the Production of Structure and Encoded Documents”


2008 Speaking Engagements

Physician Practice Compliance Conference (HCCA)
10/3/08, Philadelphia, PA
Presentation: “From Dictation to Clinical Data: Achieving Documentation Compliance”

Axolotl User Conference
10/1/08, New York, NY
Presentation: “Crossing the Chasm—From Dictation to Structured Clinical Data”

HIMSS Annual Conference 2008
2/24-28/08, Orlando, FL
Presentation: “ From Speech to Standards to Decision Support”


2007 Speaking Engagements

Amphion Medical Solutions Thought Leadership Symposium
9/26/07, Madison, WI
Presentation: “Clinical Document Architecture: Unlocking the Clinical Information in Health Documents”

American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA)
7/8–12/07, Orlando FL
Presentation: “Speech Recognition—Transforming Radiology into a Strategic Asset”


2006 Speaking Engagements

AHIMA 2006
10/7–12/06, Denver, CO
Presentation: “Natural Language Processing Technology and Terminologies: Mining Free Text”

SpeechTek 2006
8/7 -10/06, New York, NY
Presentation: “Speech Recognition – Aids Faster Access”

American Healthcare Radiology administrators (AHRA)
8/1/06, Las Vegas, NV
Presentation: “Speech Recognition – Better Care and Lower Cost”

California Health Information Association (CHIA)
6/3- 7/06, Rancho Mirage, CA
Presentation: “Speech Recognition—It’s Not All About Accuracy”

North Carolina Health Information Management Association (NCHIMA)
5/2 –5/06, Charlotte, NC
Presentation: “Speech Recognition—Better Care and Lower Cost”

SpeechTek 2006
2/1/06, San Francisco, CA
Presentation: “A Practical Guide to Using SpeechMagic in the Cintrix Environment”
Presentation: “Man to Computer Interaction will Dramatically Improve in the Next Decade”


2005 Speaking Engagements

Information Technology In Healthcare
11/26 – 30/05, Dubai, UAE
Presentation: “Ensuring Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality in Healthcare Organizations”

SpeechTek 2005
7/30/05, New York, NY
Panel: “Opportunities and Challenges for Speech in Health Care”

Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR)
Presentation: “Speech Recognition Programs for Clinical Documentation–Recognizing the Meaning”

Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA), Annual Conference
4/14/05, Atlanta, GA
Presentation: “Healthcare Technology Star Wars: Will The Force be With You, or Against You?”


2004 Speaking Engagements

Dean Healthcare Systems
11/2/04, Madison, WI
Faculty Presentation: “The Electronic Medical Record: Ready or Not, Here It Comes!”

AHIMA 2004, Annual Conference
10/11/04, Chicago, IL
Presentation: “If You Say It, It Will Be So—Advances in Speech Recognition Technology”

North Broward Hospital District
7/8/04, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Faculty Presentation: “All the World’s a Stage for the EMR. Or is it?”

NY Health Information Management Association (NYHIMA), Annual Conference
June 7, 2004
Presentation: “Using Technology to Achieve Six Sigma in Healthcare”

John Hopkins Technical Sessions, Division of Health Sciences Informatics
Informatics Teaching Program: “Voice to Data: The Holy Grail, Use of Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding”

Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR), Annual Conference
Presentation: “How to Document Patient Information, Quickly and Easily”

North Carolina Health Information Management Association, Annual Conference
5/13/04, Greensboro, NC
Presentation: “The Future of Healthcare Technology: Who’s Driving the Train and Who’s On Board?”

HIMSS Advocacy Day
4/1/04, Washington DC
Panel: “Should Off-shore Outsourcing of Health Information be Banned?

HIMSS Annual Conference
2/4/04, Orlando Florida
Presentation: “Quantify the Results of Your Healthcare Application Systems”


2003 Speaking Engagements

College of Healthcare Management Information Executives (CHIME) Webinar
10/30/03, online
Online Educational Session: “Electronic Medical Records: Ready or Not, Here it Comes”

AHIMA Annual Conference
10/19/03, Minneapolis, MN
Presentation: “Quantifying the Results of Your Healthcare Applications Systems”

SpeechTek 2003, Annual Conference
9/29/03, New York, NY
Presentation: “Making Organizations More Productive Using Speech”

Patient Care Delivery and Safety Conference
Chairman and Presenter: “A Dream of Documentation”


2002 Speaking Engagements

Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA), Annual Conference
4/9/02, Tampa, FL
Presentation: “Internet Security for the Medical Transcription Industry”


2001 Speaking Engagements

AAMT Annual Conference
Presentation: “Internet Security – Is My Data Safe?”

MTIA Annual Conference
April 2001, Seattle, Washington
Discussion Forum: “ASP’s – The Good the Bad and the Ugly”


2000 Speaking Engagements

MTIA, Annual Conference
April 2000, Toronto, Canada
Presentation: “Application Service Providers – What are They and How do they Affect My Business”

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