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Why Healthcare Needs More Women Leaders

Posted in DigitalHealth, Healthcare Technology, Incremental, Innovation, Inspiration, Technology by drnic on November 19, 2018

Women as the Key Healthcare Decision Makers

Venture Capital

This week I am talking Lisa Suennen, (@VentureValkyrie) Managing Partner of Venture Valkyrie, LLC, an advisory firm that works with healthcare and other companies on investment and innovation strategies and host of the Tech Tonics Podcast. Lisa is a twenty year veteran of healthcare investment, healthcare technology and venture funding and a history with behavioral health company that was treating 35 Million people.

This interview arose from on twitter discussion

featuring #ThisWomanRocks that I nominated Lisa and several others for and I asked them to join me on my show to share their experiences and thoughts on how we change the poor representation of women. In the Venture capital world when Lisa joined the statistics were dismal – only 8% of Venture Capitalists were women – 20 years later, its still about the same!

This despite the fact that gender diverse companies show better financial performance – so its not just good to do its the best for the bottom line too. As Lisa highlighted, Kevin O’Leary (aka as M.r Wonderful on Shark Tank) has highlighted the fact that in all the companies he is involved in – the ones with gender equity and women backed are far more successful on multiple measures.

So why are we still seeing dismal representation for women and what incremental steps can we take to improve this – listen in to hear what Lisa has to say and why in healthcare especially this should be a prime directive (hint – think about who makes the majority of healthcare decisions for any family)

As we discussed, the way to get more women onto the stage and engaged is to be part of the solution and there is no better way than signing up with CSweetner, a not-for profit organization dedicated to helping women benefit from mentorship to become the best leaders they can be and offering a speaker bureau for conferences to find women speakers

Listen live at 4:00 AM, 12:00 Noon or 8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday for the next two weeks at HealthcareNOW Radio. After that, you can listen on demand (See podcast information below.) Join the conversation on Twitter at #TheIncrementalist.

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Why Healthcare Needs More Women Leaders was originally published on Dr Nick – The Incrementalist


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