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22 Pushups

Posted in Compassion, Empathy, Suicide by drnic on August 21, 2016

Honoring those Who Serve (Updated Friday September 9, 2016)


So what’s the 22 Pushups challenge all about? It came from the Honor Courage Commitment organization who’s mission is to create elite veterans through education, mentorship, and community service. They started the #22Kill movement back in 2013 when they learned that a staggering 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day. There is some controversy over this statistic, the original source from a 2012 study and the detailed analysis but there is a higher rate of suicide amongst those who serve and even with controversy it should remain a priority – by any measure, this is a devastating epidemic of staggering proportions

It all started with my good friend and Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine Alumni Sue Roche as she took on the challenge and tagged friends – it inspired me and I followed along daily, adding my own set of 22 pushups to Sue’s each day. After a few days I was tagged and as they say the rest is history – as of writing I am on my 4th official day of 22 with some interesting opportunities to complete the challenge coming up in my travels.

As of today Friday September 9, 2016 I have completed my journey and you can find all 25 videos posted at the bottom of my 22 pushups that were done in: various places around the world including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Maryland, Virginia, Frankfurt Germany, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi in India.

If you discount my inability to count and keep track of days and assume I did the correct number of 22 days with 22 Pushups
In the 11 days I have been doing this in raw numbers:
In the US (Ranked 50) ~2,590 people committed suicide of which ~484 were veterans
In India (Ranked 11) ~8,136 people committed suicide
In Australia (Ranked 63) ~174 people committed suicide
In the UK (Ranked 105) ~364 people committed suicide
In Ireland (Ranked 59) ~28 people committed suicide
All based on best estimates for most recent data – rankings based on suicide rate per head of population)
In the US for all causes of death suicide is ranked 10th above septicemia, chronic liver disease and hypertension

As of today the counter is at 15.2 Million pushups – and I know the awareness has increased and I am grateful to each and everyone that has participated, contributed and got involved continuing to keep the focus and inspire me to complete my small part in this important project that includes a donation today in my father’s name: A World War 2 veteran who fought in the Dutch resistance and escaped occupied Europe and shipped out to Camp Le Jeune where he trained to become a Royal Dutch Marine. He suffered undiagnosed PTSD that manifested itself when he was undergoing surgery and anesthesia

What do you have to do – the detailed instructions are here – record a video of you doing push-ups – it does not have to be 22 – every push up counts and they are being grabbed automatically to update the counter:


But you have to tag your post with

#22pressups for #22Kill

The number preceding the “press-ups” can be whatever you make it for the number – if you can get some other participants to complete the press ups at the same time you can multiply up. Then post it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or instagram and


Can you Hear me Now

Here’s the video from their YouTube channel featuring many contributing and many lost


How do you support them beyond raising the awareness and completing the challenge

  • Hire a Veteran
  • Volunteer
  • Become and Advocate, or
  • Donate



I was nominated by Sue Roche and my nominations were as follows:

  1. Paulo Machado
  2. Mandi Bishop Meyers
  3. Arshya Vahabzadeh
  4. James Vincent
  5. Tom Vincent
  6. Karen Branz
  7. Curt Aubley
  8. ZDoggMD
  9. Michael Osborne
  10. Frederik Brabant
  11. Therese McGonagle
  12. Jen Vincent
  13. Dewinder Bhachu
  14. Ravi Kumar
  15. Molly Merluzzi
  16. Bob Blount
  17. Howard Luks
  18. Brad Justus
  19. Justin Kuritz
  20. Dirk Stanley
  21. Jeff Ryan
  22. Sean Casey


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