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My list of 12 things for healthcare in the next 12 months for this day 12-12-12

Posted in Uncategorized by drnic on December 12, 2012
Here’s my list of 12 things coming to Healthcare in the next 12 months

  1. Pastedgraphic-1

    Tablets – in particular the iPad Mini which has captured the imagination and is ready for prime time in a perfect balance fo form factor

  2. Pastedgraphic-2

    Voice Enablement – it’s everywhere and quite right too but expect it to get a whole lot better as medical intelligence comes to the voice interface

  3. Pastedgraphic-3

    ICD10 solutions that don’t crush your clinicians and require them to become data entry clerks – the technology is here to provide tools to deal with all the data requirements on the back end

  4. Pastedgraphic-4

    Data Analytics and Big Data – we are only scraping the surface of this area but as we get more data and understand more expect more tools and discoveries to emerge

  5. Pastedgraphic-5

    Home Healthcare Management – the medical home is playing an ever larger part in the care and management of patients and tools and technology will expand past the current set fo home health devices and be better connected and integrated into the care system

  6. Pastedgraphic-6

    Patient engagement – still in its infancy but we have seen a major push towards patient engagement and enablement 

  7. Pastedgraphic-7

    Mobile Health – we’ve seen the FDA move quicker than ever to license the AliveCor ECG application and expect this trend to accelerate with more tools and devices emerging

  8. Pastedgraphic-8

    Social Media – almost did not put that in here since it has been exploded onto the scene but that trend is only going to continue

  9. Pastedgraphic-9

    Security – with the expanding connectivity comes all the associated risks and expect major failures in securing of clinical data to hit the headlines

  10. Pastedgraphic-10

    Technology – will increasingly impact healthcare with more pervasive use throughout the system, not all of it will work well but it will become part of most practices

  11. Pastedgraphic-11

    Interoperability – I expect we will still be waiting for true open sharing of data and that won’t come until the incentive model changes are fixed to encourage sharing of the intervening time patients will become the biggest drivers pushing for interoperable medical data

  12. Pastedgraphic-12

    Customized Medicine; Genotype and Phenotype – increasingly available, better understood and now been applied in more and more areas – we’ve seen the emergence of mobile apps to help analyze your genome and now seeing the analysis applied to the MicroBiome – expect to hear much more about this


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