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The Impact of RACs on Your Medical Practice – Physicians Practice

Posted in Health, Healthcare, HealthIT by drnic on October 9, 2012

Please sit down — this will not be an easy article to digest, no matter how carefully I parse my words. Life under the microscope of Recovery Audit Contractors is going to get tougher for physicians. Three recent developments may impact your practice in the next year.

I have written in the past on RACs and documented their growth from a twinkle in Uncle Sam’s eye to the behemoths they have become. Much of the advice offered in prior articles (please see links at the bottom of this article) remains valid and should be heeded.;pos=sky1;tile=11;sz=160×600,120×600;guid=CB98EE20-8FD7-4B06-95A1-F5719504F408;zc=02494;pro=Patient/Other;val=0;page=;ord=123456789?

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