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Larry Weed’s Grand Rounds at Emory University in 1971

Posted in Health, Healthcare, HealthIT by drnic on August 6, 2012
Amazing Larry Weed, MD’s (Father of the Problem Orientated Medical record and key innovator in Problem-Oriented Medical Information System (PROMIS) )video is still available but here it is on youtube

Interesting to see how he effectively highlights the need for a well-organized problem lists for clear and sound clinical thinking. His thoughts are still relevant today and he is still engaged in the medical records arena (Lawrence Weed, father of the Problem Oriented Medical Record, looks ahead

His original article “Medical Records that Guide and Teach” (N Engl J Med. 1968;[11]278:593-600) from 1968 is still sadly behind a paywall but this more recent interview Interview with Lawrence Weed, MD—The Father of the Problem-Oriented Medical Record Looks Ahead from the Permanente Journal  and the pdf.

Worth taking the time to listen to – 50 years on….!

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