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Homeopathy Overdose Day

Posted in Uncategorized by drnic on March 4, 2011
30th January 2010 at 10:23 hundreds of people took part in the Homeopathy Overdose Event. This year a similar event with even more participation

Over the weekend of February 5th-6th 2011, protesters around the globe took part in the 10:23 Challenge. Protestors in seventy cities, over thirty countries, across all seven continents, held ‘overdose’ demonstrations at 10:23AM, to tell people there is nothing in it.

and many people around the world joined in the mass homeopathy overdoes. Here’s the video from the London event

I especially liked this challenge in Antarctica for Sleep and Insomnia

One of his comments:

The defibrillator was a Homeopathic defibrillator – working on the memories of being plugged in

Its is interesting to read the attempts at justification for this Pseudo science with  “Electromagnetic frequencies”  and “Nano-particles”:

Skeptics of homeopathy also have long asserted that homeopathic medicines have “nothing” in them because they are diluted too much. However, new research conducted at the respected Indian Institutes of Technology has confirmed the presence of “nanoparticles” of the starting materials even at extremely high dilutions. Researchers have demonstrated by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), electron diffraction and chemical analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES), the presence of physical entities in these extreme dilutions. (24) In the light of this research, it can now be asserted that anyone who says or suggests that there is “nothing” in homeopathic medicines is either simply uninformed or is not being honest.

Probably best work was published in 2009: Trick or Treatment – Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst, MD (interesting background of the author Edzard Ernst, MD who was put into a new role, the first ever British professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University. He came to the same conclusion as this group and provides multiple data points from meta analysis of real clinical studies. Compelling data and reading

James Randi offers up this challenge worth $1,000,000 to any taker of Homeopathic remedies to prove their claims in a double blind cross over study – to date no takes

I concur with the 1023 view

Homeopathy is an unscientific and absurd pseudoscience, which persists today as an accepted form of complementary medicine, despite there never having been any reliable scientific evidence that it works.

The effects, where found are as a direct result of the well proven and studied “Placebo Effect“. Save your money and find better solutions


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