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Snake Oil from Martha Stewarts Show – Detox Doc

Posted in Healthcare Information, Preventative Healthcare by drnic on January 27, 2011
Why these charlatans get any airtime is beyond me……as picked up in Michael’s Minute: Martha Stewart Gets Bamboozled By Detox “Doc” and as he points out: 

it’s simply modern day snake oil salesman 

THe myth that we have such a toxic environment we have to detoxify is preposterous. Not a shred of evidence supporting these claims:


There isn’t one scientific report validating any of these claims yet people continue to believe based on the power of personal persuasion. He (Mr Junger) exploits people’s ignorance with flim-flammery tricks and deceit. If detoxification was effective he wouldn’t need shady sales techniques. Instead, there would be scientific studies demonstrating its effectiveness. Mr. Junger should want these tests to validate his beliefs. He resists efforts to measure and verify his treatment because it would be revealed as the scam it is 

You can see the marketing spin in this clip

Why is Martha Stewart allowign such tripe to be broadcast adding wieght to these claims. Don’t get fooled – our water, food  and air is safe and you don’t need to pay any money to someone to detoxify or clean your Insert name of food, air or fluid>

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