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Healthy Weight Loss and Dieting: How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Posted in Healthcare Information by drnic on December 16, 2010

obesity on the rise and the challenge of weight loss programs that fail make for a constant struggle. This piece on what works and what doesn’t is not filled with any major revelations but is stocked full of sound advice.
You might have noticed that the people around the table who are not carrying extra pounds are often the slower eaters – taking time over your food is important especially to allow the brain to “realize” the stomach is full – this can take 10 – 15 minutes!
In fact this piece over at NPR Health Blog Shots that looks at the effect of the mind on our hunger for food. In a controlled study a group of people who imagined eating M&M’s ate less after the study than those who just imagined moving them. IN fact paying attention to the food while you eat as opposed to watching TV or other activities will also help the brain realize you are full and reduce the desire to eat too much.
So when eating, focus on eating and take your time…much like the Mediterranean culture do with every meal an event.

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