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FDA Warning on Fake Tourniquets

Posted in Medical Devices by drnic on August 16, 2010

In what is likely to be a troubling problem that will likely occur with increasing frequency the FDA has warned that there are a number of counterfeit copies of military-grade tourniquets which may either break or fail to function as well as the original. FDA Warns Consumers of Fake Tourniquets

These are devices to designed to restrict the blood flow on limbs in urgent and elective situations.

Fakes of the emergency medical device have a weak plastic tension rod that may bend or break before adequate therapy is applied, FDA tests of the counterfeit found. The lack of pressure may not sufficiently stop blood flow and may cause excessive blood loss in patients.

Hard to identify fakes although sourcing from approved suppliers and looking for “National Supply Number on the product’s C-A-T logo its side, NSN6515-01-521-7676” might help. I suspect this will be a recurring problem with many other devices and products. The challenge with these fakes is that unlike fake rolex these fakes coudl cause significant harm, even death.


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