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Health Data Rights – Your Lab Results

Posted in Personal Health Record by drnic on October 16, 2009

in what is an aberration in the current law laboratory results are treated differently:

Federal regulations under the HIPAA Privacy Rule treat test results as a special case, separate from other protected health information. CMS has issued regulations that further state that results can only be delivered to “Authorized Persons”, which as it is currently defined does not include the patient who is the subject of the test.

You can find out more at and the consensus letter here. As they state there is an opportunity to provide input tot he regulation and support a change ot the rules to allow easier access to your patient data to include laboratory data:

On Tuesday, the Health IT Policy Committee at ONC is holding a hearing regarding CLIA laws and access by consumers to their own test results. We have a unique chance to speak with one, resounding voice that the federal barriers to patient access to test results should be removed. Dr. Phil Marshall of WebMD will be testifying at the hearing, and he will be presenting the linked consensus letter that provides background on the issue, recommends two common sense ways the federal laws can be changed to allow greater access, and the benefits of making those changes. This letter has been vetted by some of the top health data experts and health data privacy lawyers. Here is a summary of the letter and what we’re asking you to do.

Sign up, declare your rights and help support this initiative to gain access to your patient data or send an e-mail to declare yoru support

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