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Posted in Healthcare Information, Healthcare Policy, Personal Health Record by drnic on May 13, 2009

Unfortunately history does not bode well for our ability to solve the current healthcare crisis and while it seems the accepted norm to find blame in all manner of elements and contributors it turns out that we have tried much of this in the past and as this chart shows
Over the last 35 years we have seen all manner of attempts but none have managed to curb costs and expenditure……Health Affairs featured a short piece titled “The Sad History of Health Care Cost Containment” which makes sobering reading. Interesting in the Carter years there was a similar sequence of events with the government flexing its muscles and the health care industry quick to offer

what it called the “Voluntary Effort.” The rate of increase in per capita private-sector health spending fell rapidly but then bounced back within a few years

Sound familiar….? Same old story same old special interests. At some point the we the consumer will have to take control over our own destiny and apply market pressures and economics. Get ready to take control of your own healthcare and become an e-patient as described in this white Paper: e-Patient’s and the focus of the site


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