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Incentivise Healthy Behavior

Posted in Healthcare Policy by drnic on March 9, 2009

Stephen Colbert “the Word” segment – this time on “Share the Wealth”. He sees a silver lining to the Obama Policy on Healthcare – Here’s the link

Joking aside there is an interesting thought in this piece – providing care should come with some demands on personal behavior. Self destructive unhealthy behavior has significant consequences and finding some way to incentivise healthier behavior as part of providing complete coverage has some merits.

Is that really possible – it is fraught with problems and issues but Adam Bosworth floated a similar concept some weeks ago at TEPR (The Changing World of Healthcare) providing cash incentive’s to the population to encourage weight loss. Radical thinking, but in terms of value for money he made a compelling argument that this would pay of handsomely in the future given the high cost of treating diseases later in life.


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