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Blogging Makes you Happier and Healthier

Posted in Healthcare Information by drnic on March 3, 2009

Apparently proven by science! A study from Taiwan that administered a self-reporting tool to about 600 college students found they felt “better social connections”

  • sense of greater social integration
  • an increase in social bonding
  • social bridging

Not all that surprising as this is just another variation on well worn advice of sharing of problems and worries :a problem shared is a problem halved. There is historical research that supports this base don personal writings (the diary for instance) and even when the content is made more public

when people share their innermost thoughts of their moods or feelings with others through writing, they may gain greater social support and improve their social relationships and feelings of connectedness

Especially important when people blog on personal challenges and int he case of a friend of mine ePatientDave (his blog and twitter feed) he described his blogging and ability to share the experiences efficiently as a big benefit to the his healing process as well as the therapeutic effect of sharing knowledge learned with others and learning from others in similar circumstances. It has clearly been so inspiring for him that he’s started up another work related blog – No Lines, No Waiting that offer advice on getting the most out of your time including age advice for employment in the downturn. There are many other support networks and infinitely more available than they used to be in the days of visiting your local hospital in search of the photocopied list of support groups!

Patient’s Like Me is a great Place to Start assuming it has a group for your area of interest but if not as in all cases these days – Google is Your friend to finding a relevant support group to join

Do you know any others that are helpful starting points – if so please post comments and links


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